Oct 082012

Here is a free screencast from my online course, Learn Node.js by Example! In this screencast, I present the basics of using the MongoJS module to add MongoDB to your Node.js applications. Enjoy!

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  • Acharya Vaddey

    Why didn’t you try mongoose module?

    • http://www.codehenge.net Constantine Aaron Cois

      I use mongoose as well, when it fits my project. Mongoose is heavier, and generally goes better with full Express MVC web applications. MongoJS is good for lightweight services, and smaller applications.

      Both are useful tools. Pick the one that works best for your current needs.

  • Richard Seldon

    Wish I’d known about the node.js by example course discount before I bought it! Nevermind, still definitely worth the full purchase price. Thanks for sharing this article.

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